Saint Lucia must change! Micoud North must change!

The time has come for all of us to build communities where every voice counts, where people’s dignity is respected, where hope fills our hearts again!

The time has come to bring new energy into our economy, to create new jobs and new businesses!

The time has come to dare, to be creative, to innovate!

The time has come to equal access to justice, to healthcare and to education! 

The change starts now!

For too long, things stagnated here. And then the pandemic came and made everything even worse.

Communities are made helpless, left to their own devices, with little or no governmental support. The entrepreneurial spirit of young people is stifled, their creativity and hope are crushed day by day.

No more! We need to build bridges among people and communities, we need to build a solid youth economy, we need to rekindle hope! And, above all, we need equality and dignity for all!

The change starts now!

I will:

- make sure that all vulnerable people will get the support they need;

- create a new business environment, with special facilities for businesses developed by young people;

- push for the development of the digital economy, so that better-paid jobs will be created;

- fight for new policies to ensure equal access to justice, healthcare and education, including the introduction of e-healtcare and tele-education services!

It’s time to bring Saint Lucia and Micoud North into the 21st Century!

Join me and let’s bring a better life to all!